Avirnei (Jan 2008 - Nov 2008)

Halted Project, IGF 2008 Entry

Avirnei is a real time strategy game that emphasizes squad-based combat. With up to 7 unit slots and 12 available units, every player has a large amount of customization at their fingertips. Each unit can also have 3 equally tactical ability configurations, ensuring that you will rarely fight the same enemy fleet twice. Both LAN and internet multiplayer are fully supported. In addition, a player is fully capable of modding in their own missions using external scenario scripts.
Avirnei was created for IGF 2008 with fellow teammate Albert Lai.

My Roles: Network Programmer, Gameplay Programmer, Game Designer, Artist, Composer

Multiplayer Gameplay Footage:

My accomplishments on this project:
  • Implemented a client-server network for multiplayer, featuring support for multiple clients, disconnects, chat, and synced gameplay
  • Programmed the core unit hierarchy, allowing all units to exhibit basic behavior for movement and attacking
  • Created an AI system that would direct ships to attack enemies and use support skills on allies
  • Created an external editor for designing node networks and an in-game editor for placing/ deleting units and area effects, as well as being a sandbox mode for testing unit combinations and abilities
  • Scripted a tutorial and a campaign level, designed and implemented many special effects for unit abilities and attacks
  • Drew concept art for units and structures along with all finalized art assets
  • Composed an experimental soundtrack for the title menu and in-game scenarios