Varia (June 2007 - Oct 2007)

SHMUP-DEV 2k7 Round 2 Entry (Winner)

Varia is a game I made for the SHMUP-DEV Competition 2k7 Round 2, in which it came in first place. It is a vertical shooter similar in style to my older experimental project 'Kairuga', though Varia incorporates a mix of several classic japanese shoot-em-up mechanics coupled with my own twists. The theme of the competition was "Options", which are basically the ghost ships in the Gradius series or any type of satellite that follows you around.

My Roles: All Development except for audio assets.
(Special thanks to Parker Walker for composing the music)

Download Varia (15.6 MB, Zipped)
Online Highscore Tables
Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2

Gameplay Footage:

My accomplishments on this project:
  • Made extensive usage of state machines for enemy AI, designed and implemented many types of glowing visual effects
  • Designed a scrolling shooter game based on an ability to steal and store specific enemy abilities as an innovative mechanic
  • Designed sprites that were layered together and rendered in specific way to create abstract, glowing environments and objects
  • Won 1st place in the online competition SHMUP-DEV 2k7 Round 2
    (20 official entries)