R-Chain (September - December 2012)

DigiPen - Senior Project

R-Chain is a combination of many types of game mechanics, involving audio analysis to procedurally generate bullet patterns that the player can proceed to detonate and cause chain reactions with. The goal of the game is to maximize score by creating massive chain reactions and making full use of every multiplier bonus and boss rewards that occur. Every level is generated in real-time in accordance to the frequency spectrum and length of the chosen song to play. Play using your own music to discover interesting surprises and behaviors! This game was a single semester experiment in Unity.

My Roles: All Development (Programmer, Designer, Artist, Composer)

Download R-Chain (17.2 MB, Zipped)
Installer Version

Gameplay Footage:

My accomplishments on this project:
  • Created algorithms to turn the frequency spectrum of a user-specified music track into usable events for gameplay
  • Programmed enemy behaviors to use music events in order to dynamically generate unique levels for each track
  • Developed a custom in-game file browser complete with icons, directory traversal and scrolling features
  • Designed the game incrementally in order to avoid problems with large scope or gameplay flaws
  • Composed an original music track for the game theme and Quick Play