Descension (Aug 2010 - May 2011)

DigiPen - Sophomore Year Project

Descension was my first year-long team project at DigiPen. You basically fight against one single boss, with the goal being to break him down piece by piece while he uses a multitude of screen-filling attacks. We made our own engine for this in C++, with nearly everything made from scratch with the exception of FMOD and sound effects. You can find out some more information and download the game at the main site.

My Roles: Game Designer, AI Programmer, Artist, Composer

Gameplay Footage:

My accomplishments on this project:
  • Programmed the boss AI and several different player weapons
  • Wrote a weapon framework for easy design and addition to the boss
  • Took note of all suggestions and player behavior during playtesting, scaled down scope and refined ideas as a result
  • Drew nearly all art assets used in the game after an artist left the team halfway through development
  • Composed the main theme for the game and taught a teammate on the usage of FL Studio to create additional music tracks