Graze (Nov 2009 - Dec 2009)

DigiPen - Freshman Year Project, Semester 1

Graze was made for my first semester freshman project, using DigiPen's ProjectFUN engine. The premise of this game is the fact that 'grazing' bullets (barely touching them) increases your firepower. You can use this mechanic to play risky and score more points or stay safe and beat the game.

My Roles: All Development (including art, sound and music assets)

Gameplay Footage:

My accomplishments on this project:
  • Worked around limits of the base engine by using C++ scripts to create timelines, complex weapons and bullet patterns
  • Designed a game concept that focused on a risk-reward system, allowing for aggressive play and higher score, or vice versa
  • Made a fast techno track, which was used in conjunction with warping, flickering sprites for an immersive experience