Redemption (May 2011 - May 2012)

DigiPen - Junior Year Project

I wanted to work on a unique, fun FPS game, and Redemption was the result of a year's worth of team work between multiple programmers and artists. Redemption is a game where you fend off an invasive goo creature that continually expands over terrain. You have multiple weapons available at your disposal, such as a gun that shoots mini-turrets or an orbital laser cannon. Emphasis was put on co-op play, and there are a bunch of levels to try out with two players on a local lan network. Visit the main site for more information and the download link.

My Roles: Special Effects Programmer, Gameplay Programmer, In-Game Tools Programmer, Game Designer, Art Director, Composer

Gameplay Footage:

My accomplishments on this project:
  • Created an in-game level editor complete with block placement patterns, color picking, block type selection, deletion, undo/ redo, load/ save, and a live test mode (this did not make the final release for public usage, but allowed for easy level creation from developers)
  • Wrote a particle system with features for mixing billboard sprites and world-positioned quads, rotation effects around an axis, and the ability to be added to any object
  • Worked on gun weapons with interesting behaviors and visuals, such as dramatic orbital lasers and scanning turrets
  • Designed particle effects, drew concept art, helped artists on the team to import their models into the game, and continually iterated over many game concepts during each milestone
  • Composed 6 total music tracks over the project lifespan