These are some tracks I've made, either for games or for learning and experimentation.


Pulse Technique
Title theme for R-Chain, as well as the Quick Play song. This time I purposely chose a specific bass rhythm to try and create a fun track for the game, and it turned out decently.
- Dec 4 2012

Endless Horizon
Level theme composed for Redemption. I tried to create a feeling for 'hope' near the end of the song. Used as the theme in the Redemption Trailer.
- April 15 2012

Eternal Frontier
Level theme composed for Redemption. A personal favorite out of these soundtracks. I also experimented a bit with some bass drops.
- April 9 2012

Level theme composed for Redemption. Starts off pretty dark. I made use of a bunch of different filters and techniques on this one.
- April 9 2012

Title Menu theme composed for Redemption. Shares a melody with Endless Horizon, makes it more thematic in the game.
- April 9 2012


Break Continuity (WIP)
A theme composed for Rocket Blox when it was still an arena shooter. Now that the game idea has changed, this doesn't fit well anymore, but it serves as a good example of experimentation for me.
- July 25 2011

Square Rave (WIP)
Focused on improving on my bass rhythms and composition.
- May 21 2011

Main in-game music theme for Descension. The beginning melody was actually inspired off the Techno Experiment I did back in 2008. It's quite fun to turn old tracks into something great.
- April 2011

Dash of Madness
Another chiptune, this time created with emphasis on energy, beats and bass.
- January 6 2011


The Adventure Starts Now
My first big milestone with chiptune composition. Sounds are based off the SID6581 chip from the Commodore 64. Drums are a bit boring though.
- July 14 2010


Made a piano-based song through improvisation.
- November 19 2009

Run For Your Life (WIP)
This was made to evoke a dark feeling of running from some unknown entity.
- June 7 2009